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Portfolio Reviews

Portfolio reviews will be on a sign-up basis only and will be ten to fifteen minutes in length. If you wish to have a portfolio review please send an email via the contact link below with the time and person you would like to have a review with.  Once we receive this information, we will update the time schedule on this page and email you a confirmation with more details (including tips on how to prepare for your portfolio review).  Print portfolios are preferred, but digital images will be viewed. If showing your work digitally, you are responsible for providing your own laptop.  If your preferred time/reviewer is already reserved, go ahead and send an email request, as more times might be added.

Reviewer Bio’s:

Ruth Adams – Associate Professor of Photography, University of Kentucky: Ruth’s personal work ranges from Self Portraiture to Still Life, to Street Photography always with the underlying theme of the Intimate Eye. Ruth is interested in meeting with anyone curious about graduate school at the University of Kentucky.

Roger Boulay, Lecturer, University of Kentucky: Boulay’s work ranges from photo-based projects addressing media influence and constructed identity to documentary-style imagery about dystopic, man-altered landscapes. He has exhibited his work nationally. Boulay is interested in reviewing all genres of fine-art photography.

Robert Dickes, Lecturer, University of Kentucky: Rob’s work ranges from socially aware constructed photographs to portraiture and landscape.  His work often dives beyond the common view and encourages viewers to think in conceptual terms.  His most recent project pushes the boundaries of landscape photography by skewing the commonality of what most define as the landscape.  Rob has both a commercial and fine art background and is interested in reviewing all types of photography.

Sharon Lee Hart, Lecturer, University of Kentucky: Hart’s personal work ranges from documentary to idea based mixed media. She is currently working on a book of portraits of the animals that reside at farm animal sanctuaries and a long-term photo based mixed media project.  Sharon is ready to review any type of photography, but is particularly interested in looking at documentary and conceptual work that investigates or comments on identity, political, and/or social issues.

Kate Hawkes, Adjunct, University of Kentucky: Kate Hawkes is an artist who uses photography, drawing and installation to articulate ideas of domestic life and family relationships. Hawkes is interested in reviewing all forms of fine art but may be especially helpful with editing and sequencing and the overall cohesiveness of a portfolio.

Kurt Gohde, Associate Professor of Art, Transylvania University: Kurt teaches Photography & Sculpture, while creating works of art that critically engage issues of poverty, homelessness, sexuality and the stereotypes that surround them. He earned his B.F.A. from New York State College of Ceramics at Alfred University and his M.F.A. from Syracuse University. Professor Gohde is interested in the truth & fiction that compete in the narratives of Lexington’s and Kentucky’s history. He is interested in see work by UK Photography Students.

David Martin, Graduate Student, University of Kentucky: David’s personal work ranges from documentary, traditional landscape, and work that explores issues of social justice through photography, collage, and mixed media.  Currently he is exploring issues that surround LGBT people in their daily lives, with a specific interest in the aging of an LGBT population, Heteronormativity in society, and issues of personal identity.  David is happy to review any kind of material.

Portfolio Review Schedule:

Review Time Reviewer Student Reviewer Student
9:30 David  Abby Kovacs  Mayuresh
9:45 David  Chaz Fister  Mayuresh
10:00 Kate
10:15 Kate
10:30 Kate  Bennett Baber
10:45 Kate  Lexy Smith
11:00 Kurt Chris Bryant  Darrell Abby Thompson
11:15 Kurt Abby Thompson  Darrell Chris Bryant
11:30 Kurt Brandon Mason  Darrell Vincent Purcell
11:45 Kurt Vincent Purcell  Darrell Brandon Mason
1:00 Ruth
1:15 Ruth  Dior Hartje
1:30 Ruth  Elise McKinney
1:45 Ruth  Lydia Emeric
2:00 Sharon  Jaime  Roger
2:15 Sharon  Dereck Holzer  Roger  Jaime
2:30 Sharon  Roger
2:45 Sharon  Roger


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