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Workshop Description

Traditional Photography Workshops

Basic Lighting/Studio Tools

This workshop and demo is designed to show you different equipment and techniques to manipulate lighting for you photography.  The lighting and equipment used in this workshop consists of items that you can find inexpensively at any hardware and art supply store.  Basic lighting angles and techniques, metering and how to do it all on a small budget will be covered.  We will look at why lighting is important to your image making process.

Presented by: UK Students

Advanced Lighting/Studio Tools

This workshop and demo is designed to show you advanced lighting and techniques.  Photographic strobes will be used for this demonstration.  Included in this demonstration will be the use of hand-held strobes and how to build a lighting kit with a moderate budget.

Presented by: Rob Dickes

Reynolds Tour & Room Sized Camera Obscura

This is for those of you who would like to find out more information about our art program at UK.  We will tour the art facilities and finish at our temporary camera obscura.

The first mention of a camera obscura was sometime in the 3rd c. BCE. It was the first kind of camera ever made long before photography had even been thought of and was one of the inventions that led to photography.

Tours start outside the Photo Lab, room 115. Look for signs pointing you to the Camera Obscura as it can be visited at any time whether or not you take the tour.


This is a hands-on workshop that shows participants the basic workings of the Black and White darkroom.  Participants will make contact prints using simple objects to make an image on photographic paper.

(Feel free to bring objects that have interesting shapes and differing transparencies but we will provide some as well)

Presented by: UK Students


This is a hands-on workshop for those interested in experimenting with a historical photographic process. (One that is taught in A-S 386) Participants will hand-coat paper with a photographic emulsion and then use the sun to expose a print using simple objects to make the up the image.

(Feel free to bring objects that have interesting shapes and differing transparencies but we will provide some as well)

Presented by: UK Students

B&W Mural Printing

During this after-hours workshop you will have the opportunity to work with Ian Hamilton to make larger then normal black and white prints.  Bring a negative or just come to experience this unique and exciting process.  We are supplying the paper, so reserve your spot today.

Presented by: Ian Hamilton

Photographic Technology  

Compositing Techniques in Adobe Photoshop

This lecture will introduce students to the basic techniques of seamlessly morphing figures together, digitally stitching images, and the basics of High Dynamic Range (HDR) imaging. The lecture includes contemporary applications of these techniques ranging from artists like Yosumasa Morimura to Andreas Gursky and how these approaches to photography work in service of specific artistic goals and ideas.

Presented by: Roger Boulay

Digital Workflow with Adobe Lightroom

This workshop will cover the essential need for any digital photographer of having an efficient digital workflow.   We will cover file capture, organization, and management of digital files using Adobe Lightroom.

Presented by: David Martin

Processing with Adobe Lightroom

This workshop will show the advantage of working with Adobe Lightroom for your basic digital processing of images.   Through this workshop you will see how you can increase workflow and decrease time using Lightroom’s import, develop, slide show and output modules.

Presented by: David Martin

Adobe Photoshop: Photomontage and Collage

This Photoshop workshop will cover issues of selecting and masking (hiding). The ability to isolate aspects of an image in both a destructive, or permanent way, and in a non-destructive, or non-permanent way, lay the foundation for creating a Photoshop collage or photomontage.  This workshop is limited to twenty people (first priority to college students) so register soon.

Presented by: Matthew Page

Adobe Photoshop: Adjustments and Stitching

In this workshop, we will learn non-destructive tools for making adjustments, as well as photo stitching. With adjustments, you will be able to make major, overall shifts or small, detailed changes. A photo stitching tutorial will equip photographers with techniques for merging multiple photographs into one image. This workshop is limited to twenty people (first priority to college students) so register soon.

Presented by: Sarah Wylie VanMeter

Analog to Digital…and Back Again

Photography has always been a medium of change, utilizing the newest technologies of the day. This is an exciting time for photographers because we are now able to utilize a variety of photographic methods/mediums, both historic and contemporary. This workshop is designed to reveal the potential of incorporating both analog and digital methods to produce compelling photographic works.

Presented by: Darrell Kincer

Book Making

Self Publish Your Photography Book

This workshop will explore the rewarding experience of creating small edition photo books. Digital printing technology has made Print-On-Demand (POD) book publishing accessible to everyone. Whether you are interested in creating a portfolio or presenting your latest project, a well-crafted photo book is an excellent, tangible option. We will discuss the pros and cons of various self-publishing companies with particular emphasis on Blurb. We will touch on editing, layout, preparing your images for print, and various creative aspects involved with creating your own book. A number of self-published books will be available for you to browse through. If you have a self-published photography book, bring it in to share!

Presented by: Sharon Lee Hart

Japanesse Book Binding

The Japanese book binding process is one of the oldest and most traditional book making processes.  This book binding can be used both to create your own books as well as to repair paper back and other soft bond materials.

This class gives you a hands on opportunity to make a blank Japanese bond book that can be used both as a learning tool and a small notebook or sketch pad.  There is only enough room for twenty people so be sure to register below as soon as possible.

Presented by: Ruth Adams and Rob Dickes

Accordion Book Making

The accordion book binding process is a creative and fun way to make books that go beyond what most imagine as a book.  This has become a favorite process for artist to make books and other artwork.

In this workshop you will get hands-on experience with the measuring, cutting and folder processes that it take to create one of these books.  Be sure to sign-up early for this workshop as it is sure to fill. Lexington Artist Mary Rezny will lead you through this workshop that is limited to twenty people.

Presented by: Mary Rezny

Career and Artist Lectures

Careers in Photography

This lecture will give students a broad idea of what careers use the skills learned in photography and art.  We will discuss relevant paths to accomplishing these careers and look at sample work from working professionals.  The lecture will conclude with accounts from former professional photographer Rob Dickes and how his career evolved.

Presented by: Rob Dickes

Finding Jobs in the Art Market

Today’s job market is a scary place for recent college graduates.  Hear about what it takes to find the right jobs that you will enjoy using some of those skills you learned in college by someone who has recently done been there.

Presented by: Erica Sanko

Getting Your Work Out to Shows

This workshop will include discussions about different resources available to find exhibitions, how to approach galleries, how to package your work for a show, the artist resume and statement, as well as working with curators and directors.

Presented by: Ruth Adams

Night Photography

During this lecture BFA student Brandon Mason will discuss his adventures and learning experiences with night photography.  He will show some of the inspirations that have helped take him on his own journey and then share his own work.  He will also discuss how he has used modern technology in his quest to perfect night photography. You will also have the opportunity to go out with Brandon later that night to get some hands-on experience.  Register for the workshop now before it fills up.

Presented by: Brandon Mason

India: A Visual Jouney

Although India is a single country, the languages, religions, architecture, geography, food, and customs differ from place to place. The culture of India has been a blending of diverse sub-cultures and traditions that are almost a million years old. This diversity has always served as an inspiration to artists working in different mediums including photography. This lecture will be an exploration of India, through the work of some Indian photographers as well as some from the western world.

Presented by: Mayuresh Moghe

The Photographic Grotesque

Presented by: Robert Jensen

Equipment Demos

Come check out the latest in Photographic Equipment. This is a great opportunity to get your hands on some of the latest equipment and get great deals.

Equipment includes:

Mamiya Digital

Hasselblad Digital









Creative Light

Pocket Wizard

and much more…


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