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What is Light Up UK?


We had so much fun Friday night lighting the Gluck Building!! Check out the video below!

Light-Up UK is an annual event that was started by Rob Dickes and his studio lighting class.  Every year we pick a building to light at night using hand held flashes and flash lights.  From the start in 2008 with only 15 people lighting Memorial Hall on the UK Campus to last years lighting of the Ashland Estate with almost 50.

This year we hope to grow even bigger and better.  We are going to photograph the Gluck Equine Research Building at the corner of Limestone and Farm Road.  We need at least fifty people to make it work.

Here are the images from years past.


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  1. cheeseball701

    Light Up UK is the event pictured in the ghostly banner of this website. We will gather the participants of Photo Day and the Photography Department to take a long exposure of a building on the University of Kentucky that will be lit using only our camera flashes and flash lights.

    This year we will meet at the corner of Nicholasville and Farm Road to light up the Gluck Equine Research Building. Come at 8:30 for the fun. Maxwell Gluck would be proud and amused.

    October 17, 2011 at 1:13 am

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